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Anonymous asked:

Hotly :D

shops for groceries - Hotch. Emily forgets. 

kills the spiders - Jack. Because if Emily or Hotch finds it, it’s going out in a cup and Jack has an irrational fear that they can always find their way back inside. 

comes home drunk at 3am - Emily. It’s usually Penelope’s fault, much to Hotch’s amusement 

makes breakfast - Hotch. It’s not that Emily’s useless in the kitchen, but he’s used to cooking for Jack. She’s used to grab-and-go. And Hotch is always insistent on family time. 

remembers to feed the fish - Jack. Because it’s his responsibility. And he takes his responsibility very seriously. 

decorates the apartment - Emily. She moved around so much as a kid and then there was the whole dying and Doyle thing, so she does a lot of things to make sure she feels at home. She equates things to permanence so she’ll pick this up here, or that up there, just because her subconscious knows it’ll all be a pain to pack up and thus, they won’t be moving any time soon. 

initiates duets - Jack, at Emily’s insistence. Emily never ceases to be surprised at the fact that Hotch’s voice isn’t terrible.

falls asleep first - There’s nothing consistent here. It’s kind of whichever of them is more comfortable than the other. 

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