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Sunday Six


They meet at The Old Haunt later that night. There’s an air of relief about them, like they can finally all take a step back and breathe. it’s a great feeling.

Emily thinks maybe Beckett and her team feel it most of all. It’s the big downside to what they do, that by the time they finally get called in it’s often way too late. She’s fed up with being too late. 


And O’er

His hands fiddle with the little box, no bigger than his palm. He’s nervous, he realizes, and by nervous he means borderline terrified.

He’s not sure why he’s doing it. He’s a practical man, and sharing what he’s about to is completely impractical. In fact, it basically cracks his chest open with the hope that Kensi’s not going to reach in, snatch his heart, and shatter it to pieces. He’s not even sure if it’s strange that he’s sharing it, or stranger that he wants to.

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